Gabriela Tanner and Jürg Rickli
Nearer Ballads


Vocal: Gabriela Tanner
Piano: Jürg Rickli


01 You‘re nearer
(Richard Rogers/Lorenz Hart)

02 Every time we say goodbye
(Cole Porter)

03 Time to give in
(Gabriela Tanner)

04 You don‘t know what love ist
(Don Raye/Gene Depaul)

05 Blame it on my youth
(Oscar Levant/Edward Heymann)

06 Would you leave me
(Gabriela Tanner)

07 You must believe in spring
(Michel Legrand/Marilyn Bergmann)

08 Ballad of the sad young men
(Tommy Wolf/Fran Landesmann)

09 I wish you love
(Charles Trenet/Albert Beach)


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